Evoking Transformation

We build social innovations formulated to provoke humanity to
encounter life so every discovery may nurture and evolve
individuals and teams to live their potential.

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Built on the mission of EVOKING TRANSFORMATION.
The work operates from a fundamental inspiration that expands in 3 main segments.

The fundamental inspiration of our work is love.
Our effort facilitates the discovery and realization of this innate state. This involution is an organic transformation inculcating the values of living and functioning in harmony. Therefore, we work to develop social innovations for people and brands to flower.

Live & Inspire was founded by Tim Fernandez and Adam Hui.

The team conceptualizes, builds and executes these initiatives to nurture, unite and celebrate humanity at large. In doing so, we participate, collaborate and initiate a constant element that provokes humanity to rise and meet their potential for transformation. The work resonates from an individual and ripples through teams, organizations and brands. Thereafter, new realities are created beyond boundaries.


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Live & Inspire is a team of individuals coming together to evoke transformation through our work. We conceptualize, build, execute and manage the craziest social innovations to celebrate humanity.

Adam Hui

Creative Director

E Laine Chong

Project Lead - Management

Augustine Gerad

Project Lead - Onground

Rebecca Pereira

Project Lead - Content & Ideation

Debbie Chen

Project Lead - Creative

Tim Fernandez

Managing Director


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We’re a SMALL but CLOSELY KNITTED team who are a looking for like-minded people who are just as driven and determined.
We AIM to provide a unique, optimistic and nurturing working environment for our team members.
We’re COMMITTED to our goals in raising, spreading and stirring awareness in the community to ACT.
We PRIZE teamwork, and DISCOURAGE ego.
We STRIVE to highlight the positives and the vastness of the world that surrounds us.
We’re COMMITTED to a culture of lifelong learning and we seek people who share the same beliefs/goals.
Our GOAL is to build a COHESIVE, DIVERSE and HIGH-POWERED team.


We’re opening our space for internship again!

If you want to be part of a team that is constantly manifesting ideas and making things work;

If you want to participate in learning, building and executing creative initiatives;

If you are 18 and above, and you know that your potential is your responsibility to live,

then drop us an email at elaine@liveandinspire.com and our whacky team will be in touch with you.


We are looking for you, young designers out there. We’re opening our space for you.

It will be a 6 months contract and if we can get it on like a house on fire, a full time position will be made available!

If you’ve got any of these papers Certificate/Diploma/Advance Diploma/Bachelors Degree and/or 1 Year Experience, write us.

We’re looking for a fit on our team who can work independently, make things happen, converse, read and write in English.

Send us your resume at elaine@liveandinspire.com and let’s talk!

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