He Encountered

Dec 05, 2013
Tim Fernandez

Nothing that he had sought outside of him, provoked the depth of joy that the heart was capable of celebrating.
The heart celebrated everything for the price of nothing.
The world outside celebrated nothing really, for the price of everything.
He looked within.

He encountered God when that which is within, provoked life.
He encountered God when the whole of him gave, did, loved, created, played, smiled and extended.

In moments of living out the all of him, he stumbled the divine.
He came to know God not by name, but by the vastness of it’s presence.
He came to know God not by boundaries, but in the transcendence of boundaries.
He encountered God through the infinite unknown.
His prayer was not the articulation of words.
It was the intent and gratitude that immerse with every breath.

Every time he extended the more of him, he encountered the more.
Courage came, then freedom.
Freedom was responsibility.
It was growth.

Encountering did one thing.
It allowed possibilities to unfold through him. He encountered inspite the unknown – without limits.
With every encounter, he met the moment. With every moment, he saw the infinite.
In the infinite, he dissolved.
Duality found it’s death.
He became the embodiment of love.
Love became what he poured, not what he seeked.
That which he poured became his participation with the vastness of the whole.

He encountered God through the very breath of life.
Not through beliefs.
The former, unconditional an experience.
The latter, conditioning to experience.

He encountered.

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