You Don’t Need a New Year Resolution for 2014

Dec 29, 2013
Tim Fernandez


New Year resolutions are merely projections. Most of the time, it ends up to be that powerless list of things that never got ticked off. Think about how many times you or anyone you knew that completed all items on that list, happily? It became a list one had to go to achieve, accomplish and attain. So many started off building the list in excitement and with hopeful ambitions, only to live through the year trying to fulfil it with a diminishing sense of excitement and energy.

As I write this, it probably goes against the typical norm of setting goals at the turn of a new calendar year, yet I write about a truth for many. This moment’s resolution is what matters. I think. It is real and it is within your capacity to act. Hence comes a moment that you will resonate, not project. Resonance is birth. It is you and the moment. And what collapses the gap that separates you and the moment is only a decision. Live every day in such a spirit, and watch your year unfold. Live now, every day, and the turn of a new year won’t matter.

Live, move and resonate from moment to moment.

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