Love Conquers All

Jan 04, 2014
Live And Inspire

Once upon a time, there lived a boy and a girl. Both of them were neighbours as well as childhood friends. As they grew older, that easy affection blossomed into something more. They fell in love. But fate had other plans for them. The girl’s father wanted to marry her off to a man who was 20 years her senior. The boy didn’t allow it. They eloped together.

This deviant act of love infuriated both sides of the family, and their family even claimed that the marriage wouldn’t last. Now, 81 years later, John and Ann Betar are still blissfully married and was even recognised by the World Marriage Encounter as the longest married couple in the US.

The Betars never gave up even when they were forced apart by their family. They followed their hearts right to the very end.

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