The Demand of the Moment

Feb 06, 2014
Tim Fernandez


The demand this moment, is that we must show up for humanity. It is time.
These are some of the fundamental demands that must make up the core of our growing youth.
The demand to be grateful;
The demand to celebrate another life;
The demand to not compromise about needs to be done
The demand for integrity;
The demand for one to rise to responsibility;
The demand to give and contribute
and the demand to love.

These demands take us beyond the mindset of transactions and trade offs.
It takes us into the space of giving.
It is beyond monetary value.
It is the essence of the heart.
It is the birth nature of humanity.
At some point we were taught to transact, that somehow giving seemed almost foreign.
We highlighted the biggest and successful transactions and we celebrated them.
We went on only to build, so we can transact for more and feel more secure, economically.
In the course of that, we gave only because we can receive,
We created employees and enterprises that operated for survival,
We inspired our young to be transactional with their potential,
We compromised on giving;

It is time our youth live their greatest potential knowing that their presence will enrich, empower and nurture the world surrounding them.
The moment has come for us to catalyse that attitudinal blueprint for our young.
This moment.

There is no way we can wake up tomorrow and turn away from what we need to do in our very own way for the world, because it is evident that reality calls on you.
This consciousness will continue to expand, and become our way of life.
Thus, I say, the work continues, from here on…
From where you are.

Participate, collaborate, innovate, and celebrate.
Because that is how you and I can begin to make that difference.
Not only because our generation to come will benefit from these,
But just because it is the right thing to do.

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