The Warrior

Oct 24, 2014
Tim Fernandez
Image Credit: JacobslllLadder from Deviantart

Image Credit: JacobslllLadder from Deviantart

The fearful, cannot love.
Because love stems from courage.
The ones who escape, cannot love,
Because they who love, encounter.
They who live by the duality of morality, cannot love,
Because love is consciousness ever expanding from freedom

The compromise to love from these conditioning is survival,
It is our divine tainted.
While love in its essence is vast, divine, and everything within,
most would miss it for the measure and possesion of everything externally.

Be a witness to love.
Be willing to drop beliefs and definition of it,
because love is vast in essence.
Only then true encountering is possible
and you may come to meet you for you, by you.

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