A Lifetime of Christmas Cards

Jan 26, 2015
Live And Inspire

The very existence of life is to be commemorated, but what happens when you know that you have less than a year to live?

Why, you celebrate even harder, of course. You break barriers and rules. You let your imagination run wild. Nothing is too big or too ridiculous–you grab every single opportunity and be who you always wanted to be.

You make the most out of every moment, but most importantly, you live every second like it was your last–boldly, fearlessly and fully.

But, what if your condition does not allow you to do so? How do you celebrate your life then?

Six-year-old Addie Fausett suffers from cerebral atrophy, a baffling disease that has shrunk her to less than 23 pounds. With less than a year to live, this Christmas might very well be her last. Check out the heartwarming response to her mum’s appeal to make her daughter’s final Christmas the best one yet.

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