What We Do?

To Evoke Transformation

Live & Inspire was established in 2009 with the intent of creating projects and initiatives to engage people and communities for growth.

Over the years, the scale of the intent has extended into branding initiatives, digital ecosystems and landscapes while continually expanding on community reach and engagement.

How We Operate?

From Logic to Magic

Everything we do is built on blueprints and frameworks, augmented for excellence.

We work on research, behavioural insights, data analytics and creative challenges every day. We believe intense engagement in the creative process unfolds the magic of the work.

Our Values

The Holy grail of Our Culture

Respect First

Remembering our humanity will always establish right conduct.

Establish Clarity

Communication is key to successful outcomes.

Willingly Learn

The openness to learn will continually show us endless possibilities and opportunities to manifest more.

Find Courage

It is a personal effort to push boundaries while establishing mental and emotional strength.

Excellence Always

It is an attitude of never settling for mediocrity.

Think Limitless

The saying goes, think outside the box. We think, there is no box to begin with.

Support Another

Be there for another. We are only as strong as our support system.

Celebrate Every Day

A reminder to never take anything for granted. We celebrate life at large.

Don’t be a stranger.

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