What We Do?

Our Domain of Mastery

Our spectrum of work encompasses 3 domains – Brand, Community and Digital.

The approach is always holistic to ensure results are built for impact.

What We Do With Brands

Beyond selling a product or service, all brands strive to create a ‘top-of-mind’ impact with its demographic of customers and community.

Our role is to bring a sense of aliveness to a brand’s existence, so people (internally and externally) would desire to engage and be included in its ecosystem. When communities are built this way, a brand gets the opportunity to be part of people’s lives, and so a meaningful journey can begin. Then one would say – there is brand presence.

Our client brands entrust us to formulate and execute strategic ideas and initiatives that help create such presence.

  • Brand Re-engineering
  • Brand Stories
  • Brand Playbooks
  • Building Digital Cultures
  • Digital Strategies/Frameworks
  • Perception Point Analysis
  • Creative Development
  • Video & Animation Development
  • Public Relations & Crisis Management
  • Media Buy

What We Do With Communities

At Live & Inspire, everything revolves around people. When and where there is a gathering of like-minded people of any interest, possibilities come alive with discovery, learning, and growth being primary outcomes. We creatively craft and curate initiatives for communities – ranging from social-based projects, skill workshops, music shows, customised talk shows on various subject matter to even hosting media platforms of our own. The key here – is that our client brands are given priority to access, collaborate and leverage these initiatives.

  • Social Initiatives & Community Projects
  • Youth Initiatives/Programmes
  • Workshops on Digital Skills
  • Learning & Development Programmes
  • Media Platforms & Shows

What We Do With Digital

We live in a time where a brand’s presence primarily grows on the digital landscape. It communicates to engage and build its own community. Digital is our playground. We have been building digital initiatives for over a decade now, constantly evolving to keep up with the new. Our digital teams are made up of digital strategists, copywriters, animators, photographers, designers, social media managers and community managers. Before we embark on executing initiatives for a brand via digital, our team of experts will undertake a brand audit to ensure the digital tactical is well thought through and built strategically.

  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Social Media Strategies & Policies
  • Content Management & Engagement
  • Digital Crisis Management
  • Digital Monitoring & Analytics
  • Digital Advertising & Displays
  • Web and Application Development

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